Facebook Cover Photos - The New Way of Sharing More Content on Facebook

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As the name implies, Facebook has a history of service based on sharing pictures and information, and it now comes with a new feature: timeline cover photos. 

Serving as a world-wide database for content/information sharing and online interaction, Facebook has risen to a top web corporation in what analysts call the steepest rise in decades. Although other web sites were serving to the same needs as Facebook, their user database and coverage was nowhere near sufficient. As such, Facebook quickly rendered other once great names forgotten.
The first true innovation was the extended coverage and interesting layout, services not provided by early rivals in a satisfactory fashion. Once the user base expanded to millions, community feedback was beginning to have requests of its own to continue its expanding. The web site's ability to cover photos, media and information was already adamant, however, a need for more platform-specific applications was stated. 
Facebook cover photos are the newest innovation in photo sharing on this specific website. In addition to albums, live photo updates and profile defining pictures, a photo cover can now be used in order to act as a banner of an individual page. A picture that is to be displayed in this fashion should measure 815 pixels in width and 375 pixels in height. This means that the large bulk of photos the average user owns are not fit for this purpose. 
There is the possibility to stretch a regular 4:3 photo to fit the screen, but this may make it look pixelated and out of shape. It is a good piece of advice to select a picture that is of the appropriate peak length, and greater in width. This picture can then be cropped to fit the frame, without damaging the image quality. 
People have been choosing all sorts of pictures to serve as a cover photo, whether it is a picture of themselves, a loved one or something else entirely. It can showcase a hobby, a favorite movie or a social calendar. People usually pick one photo that goes well with whatever other customizations they have on their own page. That being said, there are plenty of websites offering thousands and thousands of sample pictures and posters that can be applied to your Facebook timeline cover.
Remember that your choice is only limited by your imagination, and cover photos can be found virtually anywhere your browser takes you.
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Facebook Cover Photos - The New Way of Sharing More Content on Facebook

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Facebook Cover Photos - The New Way of Sharing More Content on Facebook

This article was published on 2012/03/28